As a complement to graphic design, Holly offers art instruction in drawing, painting, printmaking, typography and general creative merriment.

With extensive experience using QuickBooks™ and other packages, Marianne can assist clients in managing their own accounting with the knowledge that she is available for support. 

The Entrepreneur Store is proud to have Marianne working as part of its integrated service team.

With a degree in Advertising Design from the University

of Maryland, Holly has pro-

duced award-winning designs

for entities such as AT&T and Asia in Washington. In her 

previous company, Holly Weetman Design, she  created many designs  in the local community. You may have seen her work on a few billboards. Additionally, Holly has designed materials for companies across the country and the Atlantic. She specializes in logo design, corporate/company identity packaging, branding, and company/product positioning. 

Jon is easy to talk to and listens intently to his customers plans and dreams. He is a valued speaker, having been a guest at many community functions. As a long time goalie, coach and current hockey director in his "off" hours, Jon always seems to fit an ice hockey analogy into any meeting . As he says "there are millions of business lessons learned out on the ice."

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​​​The Entrepreneur Store is not a legal firm.

Legal Services provided by Jonathan C. Weetman, Attorney at Law, LLC.

The Story Behind 

Holly Weetman appreciates

the critical role of important

communication in small businesses and start-ups.

A talented graphic designer,

Holly also has a knack for organization and the ability

to cut through the clutter to

deliver exactly the right message. 

Marianne Smith  is an accountant who also "gets"

 business. She knows the importance of providing a financial statement in a way

that gives her clients the information needed to effectively run a business.

Having received her BS in Accounting from Towson University, Marianne became a CPA shortly thereafter. She has worked both in the corporate environment and as a consultant to small and medium sized business.

Jon Weetman is at the center of The Entrepreneur Store's integrated services. He is the local "go to" man for all things entrepreneurial. He has held numerous and varied business unit leadership positions; counseled hundreds of entrepreneurs (most recently as the Business Navigator with the Carroll County Dept. of Economic Development); earned a BS in Business from the University of Maryland, an MBA from Loyola University Maryland,

a JD from the University of Maryland Law School; and is

a member of the Maryland Bar.

As do many new and successful businesses, The Entrepreneur Store™ was conceived as a result of seeing a need in the marketplace. As the "Navigator" on the Carroll Business Path, I met with hundreds of business owners and prospective entrepreneurs. 

I repeatedly saw what happens when legal, accoun-ting, marketing/design, and business development services are  provided independently and without coordination. It can be a real mess. It's a leading cause of business failures and it happens over and over again.

Financial statements don't reflect the revenue streams  in the marketing plan because the accountant doesn't have a relationship with the business counselor. Critical money gets lost forever on a logo that had to be abandoned due to copyright issues that could have been avoided.  Start-up capital can be exhausted too quickly if an entrepreneur has no idea in advance how much advice will  cost via the I'll-send-you-a-big-bill-later-after-I-total-up-my-billable-hours model. These are just a few examples of business problems that can be avoided through the use of integrated services.

At The Entrepreneur Store you will have access to legal, accounting, marketing/design, and business development personnel, each working in his area of expertise but joining as a team to guide your new business to success. 

- Jon Weetman, MBA, JD