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A successful business owner focuses on revenue generating activities.  We provide an affordable and effective means of helping you do this. Let us keep your financials in order so you can take care of the parts of the business you love. Have up to date and accurate information at your disposal. You choose how often we visit - weekly, bi-weekly, monthly.

A financial accounting system tailored for your specific needs

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Proper classifications of income and expenses

Hopefully you don't really have your business records in a shoebox, but whether you need them digitally reorganized or physically sorted, we can ready your financials for tax preparation. Your tax preparer can only work with what they are given. We'll ensure they are provided with accurate and orderly records.

Shoebox Be GOne

Includes 30 days of follow-up answers.

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Set-up on your system at your site.

Finacial Clarity

Did you know most small business owners use financial statements for only one thing?

To pay taxes.

That's ok because keeping the tax man happy is important.

However, that shouldn't be good enough for you.   Your financial statements should help you to make informed business decisions.

Let us help you build and maintain them specifically for that purpose.

Want to run your business instead of it running you?

We can show you how.

Basic Rate (no employees) $340

   For companies with up to 9 employees $560

Receive accurate reports on outstanding invoices and cashflow

A successful venture requires a solid and interlocking foundation.

Bank reconciliation

The Right Start 


Timely payments and collections

We provide you with a checklist of necessary information before our meeting.


New Business Set-up

Call for your Affordable Flat Rate Price

A one-on-one in-depth review of your businesses' financial health

Records Tax Prep

In order to make great decisions, you need great information. Let us  structure your financial statements to ensure you have it. Whether you choose Quickbooks, Quicken, Peachtree, or something else, we can help. Tutorials are ok, but personal and customized help from an accounting professional will save you time and money. 

Spend the time you'd spend trying to clean-up 12 months worth of financial information on more profitable (or fun!) activities.

As low as $225. Call for details.

No charge for our On-site Bookkeeping clients!

Manage your business to realize its potential

On-Site Bookkeeping

Quarterly Review

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As low as $115. Call for details.

Highly recommended!

Where does your income really come from? Where is it really going? What opportunities exist for you to improve cash flow? How much money do you really have?