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To Opine or not to Opine? ​


That is the question.

You may have noticed that social media has become a “thing.” In business development circles we tend to concentrate on the marketing opportunities it provides. But what of the collision of personal and professional posting? As I write this, social media is dominated by politics and Pokemon Go. Both, apparently, are highly divisive.

Social media is really, really good at one thing – transforming an incredibly complex and nuanced issue into a deceptive simple “I’m against it!/I’m for it!” role call. Click bait and factually challenged agenda driven reposts add explosive fuel to the fire.

As an entrepreneur, you’ve probably worked hard and made investments to establish the reputation of your business and to position it in the minds of your target market.

Should you risk alienating customers via your personal posts of a political or otherwise potentially divisive nature? I’m not going to answer that for you. Clearly, it’s a personal decision. However, I will point out that if you choose to do so, you should do so fully cognizant of the ramifications. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not suggesting that just because you’re an entrepreneur you should lose your conscience or abandon your principles.  
What I am suggesting is that social media is such an incredibly imperfect platform for deep discussion – fully devoid of tone, volume, body language, and limited to thought “bites.” Your personal opinions may be seen by your customers as divisive or merely declaring yourself as being on the side opposite of theirs. The decision is yours. To opine or not to opine? Should you choose to opine, do so knowing it may come at the detriment of your brand management investment.